Should we challenge rosé orthodoxy?

12th April 2016By adminGrandcros, Jules, Winocracy

Master Sommelier Ian Cauble wrote in one of his newsletters in February that while all the trade are focused on selecting the new vintage of rosés, some 2014 rosés are tasting even better after 1 year in bottle. I have often complained that rosé (especially from Provence) has to comply with an increasingly narrow definition … Read More

Harvest 2015 update

26th September 2015By adminGrandcros, Jules

Quick update on the harvest and prospective 2015 vintage in the making. It started early with everyone thinking it was going to be an early harvest, indeed we had very high sugar levels early on, however malic acid also remained stubbornly high. We also got hit by a hail storm a couple weeks before the … Read More

2014 in review

22nd December 2014By adminGrandcros, Jules No Comments

This year started precariously with the launch of the challenging 2013 vintage but we are immensely proud to wrap it up in Decanter Magazine’s top 50 wines of the year: the only rosé to make the cut! As you might remember the 2013 vintage suffered unprecedented rain and hail in Provence as well as other … Read More

Olive harvest 2014

9th December 2014By adminGrandcros No Comments

After the grape harvest, we have the olive harvest which we recently completed. A big harvest is usually followed by a small one the following year and that certainly was the case this year: with 700kg of olives we only produced 26 litres of olive oil! As far as we know, all the producers in … Read More

Jules fueling London’s startup scene

1st November 2013By adminJules No Comments

I am excited to see Jules become the tipple of choice for some of London’s hot startup launches. Jules wines are regularly served at events at the Innovation Warehouse, a co-working and event space for many great startups. A special mention to 2 great startups that share our social ethos: who match students with … Read More

Knightsbridge Rocks

16th September 2013By adminGrandcros No Comments

People often ask if we have had any trouble with certain jewelry brands that seem to have a similar logo to ours and I like to respond that we are cool about it, we don’t mind them riding on our coat-tails 🙂 But now we are going one step further and collaborating with a new … Read More

What is minerality in wine?

13th August 2013By adminGrandcros, Jules, Winocracy No Comments

There was a very interesting article in the RVF last month about minerality. It questions the popular notion that minerality is actually the taste of minerals in the wine and come from deep roots that are in contact with the bedrock from which it extracts the unique minerals therein. To my knowledge, it is the … Read More