assemblage jan 2014

Appropriately, the first post of the year is to announce the birth of our 2013 vintage. By birth I am referring to the blending where we carefully select how much of each tank will make up our different “cuvées”. Stéphane (cellar-master), Gaelle (Sales), Bernadette (Oenologist), Julian (me/photographer) spent hours debating the DNA of our children and ingest quite a lot of alcohol in the process, before we finally reached a consensus. We are now very proud of our new-born!

Mother nature served up some challenging weather for all of Europe in 2013 but it is in such difficult conditions that the best wine-makers stand out. We were not able to make as much Esprit de Provence rosé nor white as we would have liked and we chose not to make any red this year but what we did make, we hope stands out! Consequently we have had to increase our prices a little more than usual but not out of line with the market nor the French government who have increased both excise duty and VAT this year.


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