2015 Harvest is complete, the cote de provence rose cru this year is one of the best one

Quick update on the harvest and prospective 2015 vintage in the making.
It started early with everyone thinking it was going to be an early harvest, indeed we had very high sugar levels early on, however malic acid also remained stubbornly high. We also got hit by a hail storm a couple weeks before the start of harvest which affected about a third of our vineyard, most severely our Viognier and Chardonnay. The risk of botrytis germinating on open wounds of berries had made us anxious but we delayed as much we could and we are now pleased that we waited as hot dry weather followed. This vintage is looking quite magnificent in quality which somewhat makes up for the shortfall in volume.


I am particularly excited by an experimental cuvée of Syrah which I am plunging by foot.

cave team 2015
cave team 2015

Full credit to the team this year: from left to right, Aziz tractor driver and mechanic, me Julian owner, Lucie Oenologist and assistant wine-maker, Said vineyard manager superhero, James biotechnologist, programmer and fellow geek who came and helped out for the experience. Richard our winemaker had to pull out of the harvest because of medical problem and we wish him a full recovery.