Should we challenge rosé orthodoxy?

12th April 2016By Julian FaulknerGrandcros, Jules, Winocracy

Master Sommelier Ian Cauble wrote in one of his newsletters in February that while all the trade are focused on selecting the new vintage of rosés, some 2014 rosés are tasting even better after 1 year in bottle. I have often complained that rosé (especially from Provence) has to comply with an increasingly narrow definition … Read More

Julian’s SE Asia tour

26th April 2014By Julian FaulknerGrandcros, Jules, Winocracy No Comments

Having spent the last 2 weeks living out of a carry-on bag and from restaurant food, this morning I can enjoy my first lazy breakfast at home and reflect on the 2 weeks spent in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. When I first explored those markets 10 years ago, there was the usual young market demand … Read More

What is minerality in wine?

13th August 2013By Julian FaulknerGrandcros, Jules, Winocracy No Comments

There was a very interesting article in the RVF last month about minerality. It questions the popular notion that minerality is actually the taste of minerals in the wine and come from deep roots that are in contact with the bedrock from which it extracts the unique minerals therein. To my knowledge, it is the … Read More