Jules Manifesto


The subjective appreciation one gets from consuming wine. The inherent qualities of a wine should be the only determining factors but in reality the appreciation is driven by many other factors including price, packaging, 3rd party opinions, mood and other factors that can outweigh the wine itself.


The subjective criteria by which an individual measures quality.

Wine, like taste, has infinite variations. It is Jules’ mission to nurture that diversity and enable consumers of all means to find wines that best match their taste.

Shouldn’t the market’s invisible hand achieve this naturally? It is Jules’ conviction that there is a gap in the market between wine as a luxury good and wine as a commodity. Wine as a luxury commands prices disproportionately higher in relation to the cost of production thanks to scarcity and / or high marketing investment. In this category, quality is less determined by the wine itself and is instead more a factor of perception and status.

Wine as a commodity is a race to the bottom where wines compete on price alone and not on quality. It is assumed that consumers who buy these wines do not have sophisticated taste therefore quality does not matter nearly as much as price.

All wines in between these two extremes are either overpriced commodities or aspiring to become luxury wines. Jules is targeting consumers who are unhappy with this status quo, who want to find mid-priced wines that best suit their palate.


First we need customers but we need to reach them without a big marketing budget that would make us into an aspiring luxury brand. This is in fact our biggest challenge: how do we become known to our target market? It is an ongoing challenge and we hope those reading this manifesto will help out by word of mouth, liking us in social channels and sharing advice. Fortunately we have had some success and have developed a portfolio of around ten styles of wine; this is also a work in progress.

Once we have quality or style objectives matched to our customers, we go about finding those wines wherever they can best be found. Hence we are not wed to any region, appellation or grape variety, we look for quality against value. We are a nimble organization and find the best partners wherever we source the wines from. Sometimes we source grapes, sometimes wine.

We are not an industrial producer who is driven by the need to sell wines from one place in as much volume and at the highest price possible regardless of the vintage and the quality.

Instead our mission is to help our customers find the wines that best suit their evolving and diverse taste at the best price. At Jules we continue to find new and innovative ways to achieve this mission.